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Jan 3, 2013 10:00am PST
for a blood clot in her head. it was during during an mri last sunday. joining me chief science and health correspondent bob bazell. they say she's coming back to work next week here in washington. no long flights overseas planned, but it does seem to be a very good news. we saw her walking out of the hospital. wasn't in a wheelchair. she was holding hands with daughter chelsea yesterday. she looked good and seems to be recovering. >> absolutely. there's no reason to think that she will not have the complete recovery that her office says she's going to have. she'll have to keep taking those blood thinners, and, remember, millions of americans because they have heart stints and they are like she seems to be prone to get blood clots, take these drugs, and they don't seem to affect people's lives that greatly, and it's a normal situation. everything is looking very good for -- and particularly that she's returning to work. it seems like she'll be very fortunate. >> and john kerry, by the way, john, bob bazell has already been at the state department. he was there yesterday working and
Dec 31, 2012 10:00am PST
recent bout with the stomach flu. nbc's chief science and health correspondent bob bazell is at new york presbyterian hospital where secretary clinton is being treated. bob, i know this is a story we're all keeping a very close eye on. what's the latest? we know she has a blood clot that came from -- they say from the concussion. we know it's being treated with anti-coagulant drugs. a lot of doctors are puzzled by that series of events because most blood clots that come from a concussion would be in the brain, and they would not be treated with anti-coagulamt drugs. we don't know where it is or what her condition is. there's been no report about what her health status is other than she's under observation for these two days. there's a lot of puzzles here. a lot of people are hoping for the best, but clearly somebody doesn't come into the hospital over -- in the holiday berd just for a routine check-up, so something is going on. we hope to hear more, and we hope to see that she gets out of here in good shape pretty soon. we really -- i wish i had more informati information. the state
Jan 2, 2013 10:00am PST
. joining me now, nbc's chief science and health correspondence, bob bazell. and also with me "the washington post" ruth marcus. first to you, where this clot was found, a follow-up mri we were told on sunday night, and we were told it was a clot stemming from the concussion from the fall. does that mean that the clot was necessarily caused by the concussion or could it be from an underlying condition, or is there no way to really know that fact? >> it may have been caused by both of those problems. sometimes there's sort of a perfect storm of issues going on with any individual patient, with potential histories of history of blood clots in the past, as well as head trauma. this can increase the risk of getting a blood clot in that part of the brain. >> let me ask you also about how potentially dangerous this is. we know that this is near the brain, not in the brain, it is in the area between the skull and the brain. it is behind the right ear, we're told. we don't know a whole lot more. we are told today the secretary is on with her staff, so she is making calls, but how dangerous
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3